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Connect your Knowledge base with unified Microsoft collaboration hub

Add the Document360 app to your Microsoft Teams to make the most of your knowledge base.

Document360 provides an awesome knowledge management and sharing experience with your internal teams, channels, or external connections. Seamlessly search for and share articles from your knowledge base without having to leave the Teams environment.

App highlights

Search article Share links & articles Easy launch button

Why Document360 app?

  • Easy launch with the (Document360) button
  • Powerful search engine for fast response
  • Share links, entire article or excerpts in response
  • Operates without leaving the teams environment

Article search and send

After successfully connecting the Document360 app, you can search for and share the result articles from your knowledge base to individual contacts as well as channels on Microsoft Teams, without having to leave the platform.

To launch Document360 in your Teams conversations, click on the Document360 logo from the chat controls and type the keyword in the search bar. From the search results, select the relevant article and share it.

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You can find Document360 application in the Apps section on your Teams application

  1. Go to your Document360 knowledge base portal settings
  2. Open extensions
  3. Search for Microsoft Teams and click Connect to generate a new token
  4. Now copy this key paste the key in Teams API key window
  5. You are ready to go

For a more elaborate integration setup instructions, check out our handy installation guide.