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Document360 VS Confluence

Whether you are a Startup or an Enterprise, see how Document360 can be a better alternative to Confluence

Features Confluence
Custom domain ×
Article lifecycle management ×
Public knowledge base site ×
Home page
User restrictions Granular access No granular access for private knowledge base
Analytics Advanced Analytics Intermediate analytics
API Management Advanced Basic
User access management Granular control Basic
PDF Export Advanced customization Basic
Editor Markdown + WYSIWYG HTML based WYSIWYG editor
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Why Customers Prefer Document360?

Whatfix was using Confluence as their documentation platform. They switched to Document360 because of it’s enhanced capabilities and easy content migration.

“Most tools are focussed so much on the content creation process that they end up hurting the end user experience. Document360 balances these two aspects quite nicely.”

Nibu Thomas,

Director – Information Developer Group, Whatfix.

Awards & Recognition

Trusted by thousands of user in over 100+ countries

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  • G2 Leader
  • G2 High Performer
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Which is better, Document360 or Confluence?

“While both are highly capable knowledge management tools, Document360 outperforms Confluence with its capabilities to streamline workflows and organize all types of knowledge. It comes complete with world-class documentation tools and knowledge management features. Furthermore, Document360 helps small to large scale enterprises support customers and employees through knowledge base sites and portals.

Louie Andre

Why Choose Document360 Over Confluence

Document360’s flexible and intuitive features been the perfect fit to power Knowledge base in modern and growing companies.

Private Hosting

Get full privacy, control and security for super-critical content using dedicated private hosting.


No code editor to create and format content. Simple drag and drop features with more intuitive UI.


Offers more value for money. More features, unlimited articles, unlimited page views and dedicated support.


Can create internal and public knowledge bases, FAQ portals, user manuals and documentation.


Migrate easily from Confluence or any other platform is seamless with dedicated support.


Document360 has extensive integration to make user connect with multiple third-party apps.

Matt Watson
Gerard Urbano
Matt Watson
Matt Watson
Matt Watson

After reviewing a dozen knowledge base products, Document360 was the clear winner. Their amazing markdown editor and SEO features were unrivaled.

Matt Watson

Document360’s efficient and convenient knowledge-base design has saved our company a lot of time that was previously wasted on the storage and retrieval of important documents.

Ryan Brooks

Document360 has given us the customizability of a static site generator without the development, upkeep, or learning curve!

Dustin Smith

Document360’s ability to have document versions associated with software versions is a huge plus for any software project.

Victoria Risk

We have recently started to write our documentation in Document360. I have personally used it a lot the last few weeks and I am very satisfied so far. I think that it is a professional and polished product.

Matt Watson

10,000+ people from 80 countries building better customer experiences with Document360

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