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Confluence alternative for creating internal wikis

Don’t stop at creating wikis for teams. Boost productivity, streamline internal processes and reduce information silos with Document360.

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Is your team spending too much time looking for information?

Power your Internal Knowledge Base and Wiki with AI.

Our Google-like search can help your teams find information quickly. And with Ask Eddy, you can get answers faster!

Seamless knowledge capture and transfer

Create content at a scale

Create articles on-the-go using Markdown or Advanced WYSIWYG editor. You can add images, drop comments, and share drafts for review easily.

Create content at a scale

Stay decluttered

Reduce friction for teams while finding information. Keep your articles organized with up to six levels of categories and subcategories.

Stay decluttered

Collaborate Seamlessly

Share content between teams within seconds. Say goodbye to a single wiki for everyone. Create individual wikis for different teams to stay organized.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Access Control

With user roles, security groups, IP restriction, SSO, and more, you can have complete control over who can access your internal knowledge base.

Access Control


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Panaya + Document360

The documentation is more visually understandable because of the way Document360 breaks it into individual pages.

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Fastmag + Document360

Document360 gives you a well-rounded view of what’s happening with all facets of your content.

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