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What’s New with Document360: Q4 2022 Release Recap

Category: Product Update

Last updated on May 14, 2024

With Winter 2022 almost over, let’s catch up on what we’ve been up to, as the last quarter closes. We’re constantly improving Document360 to empower organizations, content strategists, content creators, and knowledge managers alike. Please check out how releases from Q4 2022 have encouraged you to keep the processes standardized and the content consistent.

Content quality plays a massive part in customer satisfaction and trustworthiness. When information is up-to-date and precise, it’s more reliable. And trust is more important to any company’s success. But it’s not always straightforward to keep content coherent across channels.

Content managers and editors obviously have a good deal of tasks on their plates. They often must cope with recurrent updates and ad-hoc shifts. With no proper set of resources or support, inaccuracies or missed details are intended to occur. One slip isn’t certainly the end of the world, but little gaffes chip away at your product perception.

That’s why it’s valuable to build all content in one place like Document360, a knowledge management platform devised to help with the intricacies that come up with the task. Here, we’ll look at some of the releases from Q4 2022 that do some major heavy lifting on a daily, so that all can emphasize their energy on more high-value tasks.

Presenting content health, a new way to improve the quality of an article

Offering your articles, a different look can be a tiresome job, but it is an essential one before publishing. A typo can toss off a customer when they’re attempting to read through guidelines, or not as good as still, they might get an inferior impression of your brand subsequently.

There’s your standard SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) you’ll choose to check over, but that’s not sufficient. You’ll need to make sure it’s consumable, drifts nicely, and it’s effortless to traverse.

We’re delighted to announce a brand new and foundational feature, health check metrics, that helps you to enhance the article’s SEO and readability. It offers you useful perceptions of the current problems, recommendations, and optimal areas in the content.


The article health check feature is particularly beneficial for contributors, editors, and draft writers of your Document360 platform. The article health check review discovers and prioritizes the crucial facets of SEO and readability metrics of your articles. To explore more about the health check metrics, please click here.

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Simplified reader management

Several organizations, hold many applications to accommodate their enterprise needs and to empower the employees to gain access to them with unique credentials. As the number of applications mounts up, users of applications find it unwieldy difficult to remember the password. To conform with the security norms of the organization they are not advised to note down in jotters. On the other hand, administrators of the applications find it enormously complicated to add new users whenever required into multiple applications.

The Enterprise SSO (Single Sign-On) feature supported by Document360 augments the authentication experience, at the same time it also provides a supplementary degree of security. However, onboarding a reader into Document360 remains a challenge where the portal administrators must add readers manually.

With this release, we are introducing our improved SSO system that will support our customers to effortlessly add the readers into Document360 once they are part of the organization. When the IT team provides access to their organization and is followed by the configuration of Enterprise SSO within Document360, now the readers can view the knowledge base site articles they are entitled to see.


You can utilize the auto register option to skip over the SSO readers addition step in Document360. When this preference is enabled, SSO readers who have logged into identity providers can directly access the knowledge base with the identity provider credentials. You can enable/disable this option as per your requirement.

Offer supreme support with automated answers

The Document360 app, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, employs instantaneously for any business with the Salesforce application integration. The Document360 app provides business-critical information in a totally unified knowledge experience. The Document360 uses cognitive abilities inside the Salesforce interface. It’s user-friendly and delivers only one source of truth for all agents.

According to a McKinsey report, support agents spend about 1.8 hours every day of their workday chasing for knowledge to accomplish their tasks. On average that is 9.3 hours per week. With Document360 App for Salesforce customers experience excellent quality service because there are:

  • No hold time while support agents seek out or request co-workers for an answer
  • No waiting for solutions while swapping between several systems.

With the automated article search in Salesforce Document360 app, the support agents will be prepared with the answers. Document360 app presents the top five recommended article launches concurrently with an open ticket. This enhancement in the Document360 app is going to be a treasure trove to support agents of any industry, improving all organizations with immediately accessible and accurate information.

salesforce automated article search

Organizations are progressively looking at a sole source of truth for company knowledge that can be distributed to several channels. With Document360’s Salesforce Lightning integration, organizations can use Document360 as their unified knowledge management platform while presenting appropriate knowledge to team members in Salesforce.

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Some stunning pieces of stuff you may have missed

Find & replace – Find and replace lets you search for a keyword/phrase across the articles and category pages within your project and replace it in the preferred articles and category pages. You can execute a search only for words and numbers. However, you can replace them with words, numbers, and selective special characters.

Multiple knowledge base assistants – Earlier, you were able to configure only one Knowledge base assistant in a project. Now you can have up to 10 Knowledge base assistants in a project. We have made the UI simpler to configure the settings such as installation & setup, custom CSS, custom JavaScript, and URL mapping.

No search results feedback – A search that does not return an article within the Knowledge base or Knowledge base assistant will return a feedback form. This option allows the readers to give detailed feedback on their search. Team accounts can view the feedback data in the Search analytics module.

Custom configuration for Analytics platform – A custom configuration section is added in Integrations associated with Analytics. With this section, you can tailor your Knowledge base integration with an external analytics platform in one window. Earlier, you would have used Custom HTML integration to configure code-specific settings.

Team account idle timeout – When this option is enabled, SSO team accounts will be logged out automatically after two hours of inactivity. The team account must log in again to access the Knowledge base portal. If this option is disabled, SSO team accounts will not be logged out automatically after two hours of inactivity. The team account can click the Refresh button in the popup to access the Knowledge base portal.

Context menu consistency – Consistency across the context menus in the Documentation module is addressed. The context menus of the article, category, starred, and category manager is made consistent now.

Open the article/category in a new tab – Now you can open articles and categories in a new tab from the Knowledge base portal. This improvement helps you open the articles/categories in multiple browser tabs and perform a comparison, copy, and paste of the content effectively. Previously, this option was absent for the articles and categories.

Bulk operations – Previously, you could view only 200 articles on the bulk operations page. Now, you can view all the articles available in the selected version/language. This improvement helps you perform actions in the desired articles without any trouble.

What is next?

The year is rolling down, but we’re still set out at full speed to bring pioneering updates that make our platform a comprehensive solution that’s simpler than ever to use. We persist in emphasizing effortless access to knowledge in everything we build to make Document360 the best platform to support you to do your quality work.

There is furthermore in store for 2023, and we can’t wait to share new features with you next year! In the interim, it is time for you to try out what you can do with all the features we have reviewed here as we are rolling up for another fantastic quarter

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An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!



Shakeer Hussain

Jan 1, 2023


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