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January 2019 Product Update - Document360

January 2019 Product Update: Notification channel, @mentions in comments, Hide/Show categories and Category tree enhancement

January 2019 Product Update: Notification channel, @mentions in comments, Hide/Show categories and Category tree enhancement

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Feb 16, 2021

We saw yet another month of releases focused on valuable feedback provided by our customers.

If you haven’t check out our feedback portal yet, please check here at

Features that got released this month are:

  • Notification channel 
  • @mentions in comments 
  • Ability to hide/show categories 
  • Category tree enhancement

Notification Channel

Rest assured that any important changes to your knowledge base do not go unnoticed. You could now get notified when any changes made to your knowledge base articles, categories, landing page and settings.

Additionally, we now support major collaboration platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and custom webhooks in case you would like to integrate with your in-house solutions.

We also provide a rich event mapping experience. You could map events you want to get notified to channels of your choice.

Document360 channels

Notification event mapping

This comes in handy. If you require certain critical operations such as domain name mapping or enabling/disabling landing page notified in certain channels, where you would notice them faster and other lesser important notifications to go to email.

Notification history

We also provide a notification history page where you could find all the notification sent out from Document360 to the channels you have configured. By clicking on view more icons on the left of every notification, you could view what was the message sent.

@Mentions in article comments

We want to ensure that collaboration on your articles is as smooth as possible. That’s why  we have enhanced the commenting feature in the documentation section. You could tag any of your team members in the comments and make collaboration more engaging.

Every tagged user gets notified about the mention via email with embedded comment content.


Hide/Show Category

Are you working on a new category and you do not want your users to see it yet?

We listen to your feedback and now you could hide categories while you perform any updates to the content. Once all your articles are ready and published, simply do not hide  the category, your category and all the articles made visible to your end users.

All the articles and sub-categories in the hidden category not shown on the knowledge base and gets excluded from the search results.

hide/show category

Category tree enhancement

Just like you, we do care about the performance. So, we made improvements to our emoji library and now your category manager should load faster even if you have hundreds of categories in your knowledge base.

emoji icon enhancement