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Building Trust on Blockchain by Writing Great Documentation with Jesse Eberenz, Technical Writer at Chainalysis

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Jesse Eberenz, Technical Writer at Chainalysis, joins us in this episode of Knowledgebase Ninja Podcast to share his experience writing documentation about Saas products and blockchain and what it takes to write top-tier technical documentation.

Key Facts

  • Jesse’s LinkedIn
  • Chainalysis’ Website
  • Jesse holds an Associate’s of Applied Sciences in Multimedia/Web Design
  • Jesse received SCC Outstanding Student Award
  • Jesse holds Chainalysis’ Reactor Certification, KYT Certification, Investigations Certification, and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification
  • Chainalysis Inc. is based in New York
  • Chainalysis Inc. is a Software Development company

Key Takeaways

  • Jesse has been a technical writer for SaaS products for about six years. He first started as a technical support analyst but then saw the job opportunity for a technical writer at Bullhorn
  • Jesse’s switch to technical writer was inspired by his desire to explain and help people understand the concepts behind various software products and services
  • For Jesse, the documentation process involved working closely with cross-functional teams, including customer support and product teams
  • Writing for a SaaS product involves understanding and writing about specific features that the product has so that people can also understand them
  • Chainalysis is a blockchain data platform that provides data, software services, and research to governments, law enforcement agencies, regulators, and businesses to help them grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safety
  • Keep in mind that you can always return to a piece of documentation and improve it.
  • Becoming a technical writer requires you to continue learning

Jesse’s biggest influence

  • Ryan Nicholson – Senior Director of Global Documentation at Bullhorn. Jesse claims that Ryan Nicholson was his manager and mentor at Bullhorn, whom he reported to for almost his entire career. Also, Jesse learned a lot from Ryan when talking about quality documentation.

Key resource

What documentation-related advice would Jesse give to his 20-year-old self?

You can always return to a piece of documentation.” You might realize that a piece of documentation serves its purpose by making people understand a product’s features. But sometimes that’s going to happen. And it’s okay to come back to a piece of documentation with the knowledge you didn’t have and improve it.

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