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June 2018 Product Update - Document360

June 2018 Product Update: SSL for Custom Domain, Embedding Videos, and Improvements

June 2018 Product Update: SSL for Custom Domain, Embedding Videos, and Improvements

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Last updated on Feb 16, 2021

Another month has passed by, and its time to take a look at what we achieved during that period. It’s always a best practice to take a step back and see what we have done.

This gives clarity and ideas for the next set of developments. Welcome to the Document360 June Product Updates!

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June 2018 Product Update

  1. SSL for custom domain
  2. Embed videos
  3. SEO title
  4. Image resize
  5. Multi-level category

SSL for custom domain

We invested quite some time to make sure the custom domains are SSL secured with the certificates when mapped with Document360. 

Why SSL?

  • SSL will give your website a professional look (improve SEO)
  • Improved ranking in SERP 
  • A secure connection between the landing page and the users

When you map a custom domain, a background process will first check if the domain is a valid one.

And when saving the custom domain setting, another background process will execute a three-step process — configure the custom domain for the project, verify the domain and provision the SSL for the domain.

Custom Domain Mapping - June 2018 Product Update

Users can remove the custom domain mapping and replace with a new domain name.

When the certificate expires, the background process automatically takes care of renewing the expired certificate.

Multi-level categories in Category Manager

In the previous month (May), we made significant changes to the category manager.

This month, we made improvements to the category manager to be able to add up to 6 levels of categories and sub-categories. All the articles within categories will be automatically indented.

June Product Update - Multi level category

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Embed videos

This was one of the most requested features during the customer demos and on emails.

We brought in the capability to embed videos from popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. While writing documentation, you might want to embed video from third-party sources to better explain your content.

To embed a video into the documentation, copy the video URL or the video short URL and paste it in the editor pop-up window. On the Markdown editor, you can also specify the height and the width of the video.

June Product Update - Video Embed

Here’s how you will see the syntax on the Markdown editor and the preview pane —

June Product Update - Video Embed example

Reader role association visible in dashboard

Let’s say, Darren is the administrator for a project that’s specific to his team. Darren is also a part of the business team within the organization.

When the business team grants Darren a “Reader” access to their project, Darren can see the project on his dashboard.

June Product Update - Associated as Reader

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

We made lots of improvements to the existing capabilities. Here’s a few of the major changes:

  • Want to export your documentation? You have the option to download the file directly or grab the download link — if you want to share with another team member.
  • We added the “SEO Title” field in article settings. This is useful when you want a different title listed for your article on Google search. With this, you can optimize for specific keywords for search.
  • Faced challenges to swap items in Header and Footer navigation? Not anymore. You can drag and drop the links appropriately.
  • The project name is now an editable field. Yes! We heard your feedback!!
  • Faced issues when adding formatting to text within a callout? We’ve got that fixed and you can format the text inside a callout.
  • You will see a notification message when landing page/documentation is disabled
  • Users can now add height and width and resize the images from the editor
  • Get to know your last login information details under the Teams & Protection section
  • Users can collapse the inline preview option using the ‘<‘ splitter option from the editor. To again view the inline preview, users can click the ‘>’ icon.
  • View the collaborator details (as avatar images) in the published article

Want to try these features? Get started with a free trial of Document360 today!


Events provide a perfect opportunity for networking with businesses and people. In the month of June, Document360 was a part of few events around the world:

  • May 31 — June 1 – We registered as a “Visibility Sponsor” at the Evolution of TC 2018 conference at Sofia, Bulgaria. 
  • June 4—6 – We demonstrated the product capabilities to over 400+ attendees at INTEGRATE 2018. INTEGRATE is the premier integration focused conference organized by us (BizTalk360) in London every year.
  • June 7 – We exhibited at Kent B2B Event at Ashford. This was a good opportunity for us to meet small and medium businesses. 
    Here’s a recap blog of our experiences at the event.
  • June 13 – Document360 was selected among the 100 exhibitors at Startup Grind Europe Conference, London 2018. Here’s a recap about our experience at the event.

What did you think of these new features? Do you have any feedback to help us improve your favorite knowledge base software?

We would be glad to hear about in the comments section.

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Sriram Hariharan is the Senior Technical and Content Writer at BizTalk360. He has over 9 years of experience working as documentation specialist for different products and domains. Writing is his passion and he believes in the following quote - “As wings are for an aircraft, a technical document is for a product — be it a product document, user guide, or release notes”.

Sriram Hariharan

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