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How to Enhance Internal Communication using a Knowledge Base

How to Enhance Internal Communication using a Knowledge Base

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Last updated on Feb 6, 2024

Many companies are aware of the need to have a customer-facing knowledge base, to enhance customer service and deliver a better customer experience. What many businesses don’t realize is the importance of having an internal knowledge base software for employees to improve communication and promote knowledge-sharing

“Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.” – Dinesh Paliwal

In order to increase internal communication within an organization you need to invest in a knowledge base. A knowledge base is a centralized hub of information where you can store important documentation for your team. It’s edited by a limited number of users but accessible by a theoretically unlimited user base, so it enables mass communication with your employees in your company. 

The best knowledge bases integrate with your internal communication software to create a streamlined experience for employees. 

The importance of a knowledge base 

The effort it takes to set up an internal knowledge base is totally worth it later down the line. You’ll have all your company knowledge base available in one place and have it easily searchable by your team members. 

  • Storing, updating and sharing is simple with your knowledge base’s CMS – employees need virtually no training in order to use the system and anyone can update and publish information. 
  • Employees are freed up from having their own ways of doing things when it comes to workplace information. Work is no longer duplicated as you have a centralized hub where all employees can find what they need. 
  • You’ll lower your onboarding costs and employee training time as they can simply consult your knowledge base. You won’t have to have other employees taking valuable time away from their roles to train new hires. 
  • Workflows will be quicker as employees don’t have to spend time hunting around for key information – it’s all held in one place in your internal knowledge base. You’ll save untold amounts of time for employees, which can be better spent on more meaningful tasks. 

It seems obvious that knowledge bases have extensive benefits for your company. It goes a long way towards enhancing your internal communications and ensuring employees stay up to date with the latest company information. 

Why companies need to improve internal communication

A knowledge base is all part of internal communication – it’s a static website that helps you communicate with your entire team. Internal communication is crucial to the healthy functioning of a business but it’s not easy to get right. It’s worth the effort though, as here are the benefits of improving internal communication for your company. 

  • Internal communications gives employees a more rounded view of your organization. Instead of just being top-down communication where employees passively consume messaging, it can be a two-way street where employees are highly engaged and interact with your communications. This is where a knowledge base can really shine, since you can take advantage of the commenting feature where employees can comment on articles and give their feedback. 
  • Internal communications engages your employees in the company. This is all part of the two-way conversation that you create with your content, encouraging employees to participate and share their views. When employees feel like their contribution matters, they will be more likely to go the extra mile for the business and feel engaged in their work. 
  • Internal communications adds an extra dimension to your workplace. Many employees just turn up to work, chat with their coworkers, get a bit of work done and head out the door. But there are many employees who desire having more interaction with the company culture and taking an active role in developing. By encouraging employees to share their views and their work, you’re giving them the opportunity to be more involved in the culture and to develop a more satisfying work life. 

Internal communication tools are vital to your strategy, and that’s why Document360 integrates with some of your favorite apps to ensure maximum productivity for your team. 

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Slack and Document360

Slack is a collaborative digital space that helps different teams in an organization to work together seamlessly. The environment is referred to by Slack as the Workspace. Slack offers a full-stack messaging service that helps remote teams stay connected, and links with all your favorite apps to ensure full productivity across the business. 

With the Document360 app for Slack, you will equip your support agents with a knowledge base without leaving your Workspace. Apart from searching for articles to share, you or your agents would be able to create user-friendly documentation directly from Slack, author in Markdown editor for any version or language in your knowledge base from Slack.

Once you’ve successfully integrated Document360 with your Slack workspace, your team members can search for and share support articles in conversations instantly using simple commands.

Slack command function for Search

This makes your interactions simpler as knowledge sharing makes it easy to add context to conversations in real-time.  This contrasts with asking someone for information every time you need it or jumping to different tabs if you’re using it on the web.

With the new Document360 integration on your Slack workspace, you would equip your agents with all the articles from your knowledge base without leaving the Slack environment. You can also share the searched articles by linking them to your conversation.

Linking article in a Slack response

An intuitive internal knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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Microsoft Teams and Document360 

Microsoft Teams is a widely used business collaboration application, helping a company’s workforce stay organized and also engage in conversations on a single platform. Whether it’s chat, calls, or video, anyone can interact at any time, bringing everyone closer together. Your docs, photos, videos, chat history, and meeting notes are always available in one place, so it’s easier to work together. Set up your team’s space with all the apps you need so you can stay in just one place instead of jumping around.

Customers using both Teams and Document360 could experience the amazing cross platform functionality on their Teams application after configuring the API. By connecting Document360 with your Microsoft Teams, you can seamlessly search for and share articles from your knowledge base in Teams chats and channels.

Launching document360 app on teams

After successful integration you can search for and share articles from Document360 to individual contacts as well as channels on Microsoft Teams without having to leave the platform.

Final remarks

Internal communications is a crucial part of any team’s functioning, and a knowledge base can help you keep everyone informed with the latest updates from your company. Once everyone gets used to the idea of turning to your knowledge base when they have questions, this will save valuable time for your employees who won’t have to search extensively for answers. 

Integrating your knowledge base with Slack or Teams is the best way to improve productivity for your team. You won’t have to leave your messaging app if you simply want to share a knowledge base article or create new content.

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An intuitive internal knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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