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Tips to keep healthy knoweldge base -Document360

Tips to keep a healthy knowledge base

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Mar 9, 2023

Serving right information to content consumers at right time should be mantra for knowledge base owners. Thus, keeping a knowledge base healthy is indispensable for ensuring right and current information to be served. This means content writers must keep all the articles in their knowledge base up to date. There are different techniques to maintain healthy knowledge base namely

  • Periodic review of articles
  • Archiving old article versions
  • Listening to end users via feedback

We have compiled few tips to keep your knowledge base healthy.

Periodic review of articles

 Keeping content up to date requires continuously reminders to content writers to review and update the article content accordingly. At Document360, we understood the need for consistent article review reminders.Article review reminder in knowledge base - Document360Article review reminder in knowledge base - Document360Article review reminder in knowledge base - Document360

We have recently released a product feature “Automatic review reminder”. This feature empowers content writers to review articles at right time to maintain their knowledge base at healthy state.

Take a look at this short video to understand all about Document360 article review reminder feature.

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Archiving old article versions

Deprecating old content is necessary to make knowledge base content relevant. Content consumers are reminded if they are looking at old content and redirected to new content as necessary.

Archive old articles in knowledge base- Document360

At Document360, we understood this need for marking articles as deprecated. We have recently released a product feature “Mark as deprecated” whereby you can make an article or page as deprecated. The content consumers are automatically informed that they are looking at outdated article content.

Deprecated label in knowledge base - Document360.

This increases awareness among your content consumers about the status of the content leading to stickiness of your documentation. This also creates positive impact on your content consumers as knowledge base owners are doing diligent work to keep them informed about article content. Here is an elaborate setup guide for you to refer

Listening to end users via feedback

Content consumers’ feedbacks are important to resolve any content inaccuracies such as typos, irrelevant illustrations, technical errors and so on. At Document360, knowledge base owners can enable or disable feedback to their articles individually or group of articles (if category type is page)

Article feedback option in knowledge base -Document360


At Document360, we always listen to our content creator’s community. We always strive to bring nifty product features that helps our content creators and knowledge base owners manage their articles and content respectively.

Now, let’s go and keep your knowledge base healthy!

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