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Feb product update - Document360

Feb 2019 Product Update – File Manager, Notification channel UI enhancements & Export as html

Feb 2019 Product Update – File Manager, Notification channel UI enhancements & Export as html

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Feb 16, 2021

The month of February was a very focused one for Document360 as we fixated on to bring new solid features to the product.

Features we released this month are: 

  1. File Manager
  2. Notification channel UI enhancements
  3. Export as html

File Manager 

The File manager is one of the major features we had in our road map. To complete the ideal authoring experience an easy to use and intuitive file manager and file picker are  necessary.

Document360 file manager

Image #1 File Manager in Document360

It predominantly helps you to organize, view, access and manage all the files and folders in one place. In Document360, you have the support for file types such as Images, PDF, Word Documents, Presentation, Zip and Excel/csv. 

File Manager supported formats

Image #2. Files supported by File Manager in Document360

The File manager could be accessed right from the main menu on the Left-hand side. To include images into your articles, you can make use of the file picker by clicking on the image bar on the editor. The file picker could be accessed by clicking on the image icon on the editor’s toolbar.

File picker also gives you the option to include an image hosted elsewhere in  the article. We support file types such as Images PDF, Word Documents, Presentation, Zip, Excel/csv. The storage limit based on your license tire, Start-up tire gets 5Gb, Business 25 GB and Enterprise 100 GB.

Notification channel UI enhancements 

Notification channel introduced in Document360 last month and we received a lot of positive response from the customers.

Based on the feedback we received, we made some user experience improvements this month to improve the mapping layout. This makes adding and removing channel easier.

Document360 File manager

Image #3 Notification channel in Document360

Export as html

Document360 gives customers the option to export the documentation and to keep a local copy of it in markdown format. Based on the customer requests we have added the ability to export your documents in html format as well. You can export your documentation in html format by heading to Import/Export menu and selecting HTML under export drop down. One thing to keep in is that, the Document360 import will support only markdown export file.

Export to html in Document360