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Document360 new feature release update in april-

What’s new in Document360? – April 2021 Product update

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Mar 19, 2024

We are back again with our monthly blog series “What’s new edition” for the month of April 2021 with cool new feature releases and enhancements. Some of the most awaited features like Article template and an all-new updated category manager were introduced to the product in the previous month’s V7.8 release. We have also built a new extension for Salesforce which accommodates multiple use cases for existing Salesforce users. And 4 new internal integrations have also been added to Document360. Other than these major highlights we also have few slightly smaller yet significant enhancements and improvements.

1. Article templates

Document360 article templates are pre-designed articles that you or any other team member from the project can make use of while creating articles for your Knowledge base. The template could be for a simple user guide, FAQ, Release notes, or pretty much anything you can create as a custom article template. Regardless of the purpose, article templates provide design consistency and style for your brand. Here are three cool things you can do with our new article template feature 1. Create a new article/page from our system or saved templates 2. Create a new custom article/page template from scratch 3. Save an article/page as a template for later use This feature would greatly help authors and contributors in your knowledge base platform to maintain a style standard and considerable reduce time while working with new articles.

Article template in action

At Document360 we provide frequent release with new features and improvements. This means we have to keep our customers informed and educated about the new features. So, we maintain a category in our knowledge base called “Release notes”. As this is a regular series, we have a set of standard style guide and article structure we follow. Before this release the draft writers/editors/admins had to write the release note from scratch keeping in mind the consistency. But after the article template, we have easily created a custom template for our upcoming release notes with the design and formatting consistency. For example: The introduction text with Paragraph tag, heading tags (H2, H3, H4), different sections separated by horizontal lines, tables, and hyperlinks.

2. Category types

Earlier a category was just a folder for the articles, but now you can choose to do more with categories. We have introduced two new category types along with the basic folder type category types in Document360 a) Folder: This is the basic category type which acts just as a simple bucket folder for articles and sub-categories. This would make it easier for team members in the project to organize each article based on their purpose under different category and subcategory folders. This also makes it easy for the reader to navigate through your knowledge base and find the required article. Category type selections folder type in Document360
An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try! Get Started
b) Index: This type of category acts as an index to all the articles present within the folder and a preview excerpt from the article.This gives an added value to the categories as each type serves a unique purpose. For example: The category type of indexed view gives a bird-eye view of all the articles and subcategories present inside a main category. This would make it so much easier for team members to perform certain bulk operations within the categories. As for the reader, it gives an overview of all the articles present in the category with basic information and small preview excerpts. Category type selections index page Document360 portal c) Page: This type of category is similar to the articles you create under the categories in your project. This is well suited for main categories that require a stand-alone article about the core subject or a preface about the category’s major focus. Category type selections index page Document360 portal view

3. Salesforce extension

Here’s another powerful Document360 integration with the Salesforce platform. What this integration achieves is, it enhances and equips your support agents with a powerful knowledge base while serving customers. You can look-up or share articles easily and create articles for your knowledge base right from Salesforce. Salesforce extension in Document360 knowledge base The multiple use cases with Document360 integration in Salesforce makes it a value proposition for brands and people who engage with Salesforce environment.

4. New Integrations

We have introduced 4 new integrations to the Document360 platform. These integrations can help improve your Document360 platform and create the possibility of using advanced tools inside the knowledge base environment seamlessly. new integrations added in Dcoument360 knowledge base
Integration Type About the platform/app
Belco Chat Live chat and messenger on your website to talk to visitors in real-time.
Gorgios Chat Gorgias helps you communicate with your customers from multiple channels.
Full Story Analytics Makes it easy to solve problems, find answers, and optimize your customer’s experience.
Sunshine Conversations Chat Enables businesses to communicate with their customers across every popular messaging app.

Your Turn

We keep our ears open to our customers for feedback, improvements, and feature requests. Some of the feature updates you see with V7.8 release are much awaited ones requested by multiple users. With Document360 we’ve been striving to solve the real-world problems and gaps that companies face with product documentation. This 2021, our goal is to roll out one major release every month with a load of existing features, enhancements, and improvements. You can always stay up-to-date with our releases by following our Headway.
An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try! Get Started

Kingson S

May 13, 2021


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