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September Product update - Document360

September 2018 Product Update: UI Revamp, Bulk Operation and Print as PDF

September 2018 Product Update: UI Revamp, Bulk Operation and Print as PDF

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Feb 16, 2021

Another month has quickly gone by, let’s check our feature releases for the month of September.

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September 2018 Product Update

Here’s the list of items we shipped into Document360 in the month of September 2018

  1. Portal UI re-vamp
  2. Bulk Operations & Filters
  3. Landing page Improvements
  4. Option for additional User accounts purchase in payment
  5. Exclude Reader count from usage users count
  6. Print option in user website

Portal UI Re-Vamp

We decided to improve our UI and make it look more rich and modern than before.

  • Overall layout was changed
  • Shades were made lighter for better visibility

September 2018 Product Update - Document360 Old UI and New UI

It will make the interaction with the portal pleasant for the customer as the UI now looks modern.

Minor UX changes have been made to make the interactions with the portal more seamless.

We hope this fresh UI will give the customer a better user experience

Bulk Operations & Filters

Performing the task of publishing your articles one by one can become cumbersome, time consuming and repetitive. We want to make this simpler and easier for our writers. If the Editor reviews the articles written by DraftWriters, and now would like to publish them, he would now need to do this individually at the article level.

To overcome this, Document360 now has a feature “Bulk operation” which allow users to perform an operation on more than one article at a time. Just select all the articles by ticking the tick box and then select the action you wish to perform.

Still following the very old way of reviewing and publishing articles? Taste the bulk operation feature!

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Articles are listed based on the selected project version in left side bar. It has details about how many articles there in selected version in status view (Draft/Published). Following are the ‘Article-level Operations’ which we can do in bulk.

  1. Publish
  2. Show
  3. Hide
  4. Move
  5. Delete

September 2018 Product Update - bulk operation

Filters in Bulk Operations

We can also filter the articles in list to show only publish/draft/hidden articles by using toggle in right hand corner. Apart from these toggle options, we can filter the result based on,

  1. Author
  2. Category
  3. Last Edited Date
  4. Tags

Landing Page Improvements

1. Save and Publish options in the Landing page.

landing page header customization

Save & Publish buttons were introduced in the landing page so that you can continue to work on your customizations and preview them while keeping the published landing page still been visible to public.

2. Background (custom colour) and text colour in the Landing page header section.

landing page customization

Select customized colours for your background and text in your Header in landing page. You can choose between custom colours/standard colours or Gradient Options or Patterns as a background for the Header.

3. Text formatting with markdown & general shortcuts support

landing page category sections

Document360 now supports markdown formatting and general shortcuts in the text area’s in Landing page too.

Exclude Reader Count From Usage Users Count

Our pricing page – outlines the different tiers available for our product. We have decided to remove the Reader count from the User accounts count based on customer feedback. As customers had more readers than actual users editing and writing documents.

Options for Additional User Accounts Purchase in Payment

additional users pricing options

Many of our users wants to purchase additional user accounts and this has now been implemented in Document360 under the Payments section.

How does Yearly & Monthly Billing scenarios works?

For each of the team account, we charge $5/month + VAT

Let’s take an example calculation for additional team accounts,

Team Accounts – 2
Billing Type – Yearly/Monthly

  • Yearly Billing: 2*$5*12 = $120 + VAT (If you are a member of the EU state)
  • Monthly Billing: 2*$5*1 = $10 + VAT (If you are a member of the EU state)

In case if you need more information on the pricing calculation, you can contact our support.

Print Option in User Website

This week Document360 has added the print option in the Documentation website for Users. This will remove the clutter (categories and table of content etc) when a user prints a page on the documentation website. This will help users to print the documents from the knowledge Base Software without the Category manager in the output.

print article as pdf

Hope you enjoyed reading about all our latest features and don’t forget to tune in next month for the next batch coming out. I promise, we will have some exciting ones up our sleeve.

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