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Salesforce & Document360 – Instil wisdom into your CRM

Salesforce & Document360 – Instil wisdom into your CRM

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Dec 14, 2022

Today’s consumers demand swift and tailored customer support and do not want to devote time waiting on a call while an agent is investigating for information about the issue. When customer service representatives need access to information to support a customer, they spend time struggling to traverse through several databases in silos: commonly asked questions, records, wiki pages, case history, knowledge bases, etc.

If your customer service teams are battling in navigation for knowledge collected in various sites, offering reliable and accurate assistance across several channels can be an enormous task. The possibility of a few agents applying obsolete or flawed knowledge is high along with declining customer satisfaction & Net promoter score (NPS). Deploying a knowledge base platform is the only viable solution that delivers a long-lasting fix.

A knowledge management platform for customer support can boost agent efficiency, assist customers, improve themselves, and simplify your knowledge management practice. Document360 integration with Salesforce makes it easy for agents to swiftly gain access to articles, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and community-shared knowledge that connects to their needs.

We have some exciting updates for Salesforce users: we have a brand-new Salesforce lightning integration. Now support agents can access Document360 knowledge base articles from Salesforce.

Document360 app offers users to search for any knowledge base articles using a powerful search engine within the Salesforce application. Customer support agents can also look through all contents of their knowledge base to assist with any support tickets. End-users no longer have to buckle between multiple applications to locate the knowledge they want, letting them work more competently and deliver superior customer experiences.

URLs to Document360 articles can be shared in customer support replies and helps to solve your customer issues at the same time this boosts support agents’ productivity. For any knowledge fissures that occur in your knowledge base, a customer support agent can create and publish knowledge base articles in Document360.

Improving Salesforce user’s experience

With Document360 and Salesforce, your customer support groups can effortlessly gain access to knowledge throughout your organization to drive outstanding customer experiences.

According to McKinsey report, support agents spend about 1.8 hours every day of their workday chasing for knowledge to accomplish their tasks. On average that is 9.3 hours per week. With Document360 App for Salesforce customers experience excellent quality service because there are:

  • No hold time while support agents seek out or request co-workers for an answer
  • No waiting for solutions while swapping between several systems.

What does Document360’s Salesforce Lightning Integration do?

Salesforce Document360-1

With Document360’s Salesforce lightning integration, you can insert a Document360 widget anywhere in your Salesforce and give the user access to support agents while maintaining their access levels.

If a customer support agent were on the call with customers who needed to change their password, they could instantly pull up a how-to guide within the Document360 widget and guide the customer through the course or email them with the procedures to complete the steps.

The integration also grants users the chance to execute a keyword search of their whole Document360 knowledge base within Salesforce. Every single Document360 content is deeply indexed, implying that the search will give back appropriate answers even if the user does not know the particular title or category of the document they want.

Salesforce Document360-2


An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!



Getting the right knowledge to the users

Organizations are progressively looking at a sole source of truth for company knowledge that can be distributed to several channels. With Document360’s Salesforce Lightning integration, organizations can use Document360 as their unified knowledge management platform while presenting appropriate knowledge to team members in Salesforce.

Team members can locate the knowledge they need in the flow of work, rather than having to search around multiple systems or shove up a document from their hard drive that may be obsolete. This allows team members to work more professionally, feel more positive that the information they are reading is current, and resolve customers’ issues sooner, enhancing both the employee and customer experience.

Document360 and Salesforce lightning in action

Want to find out what Document360’s Salesforce lightning integration looks like in action? Check out the video below:

Key reasons for Document360 and Salesforce

An excellent quality knowledge management system makes it effortless for customers and agents to instantly locate the answers they need:

  • Support agents’ productivity is boosted. Agents can preview and share answers over any channel.
  • Agents use a unified knowledge base to deliver coherent responses. This provides the information customers want, preferably on the first call, while your organization detects new articles required.
  • The entire knowledge management process is updated with an assured precision of articles.

Check out this head-to-head comparison between Document360 and its Alternatives. You can also read more about how Document360 compares to its competition.

Final Words

Every business has a growth strategy. But with more expansion comes more customers and thus an enhanced necessity for customer service. By employing a knowledge management platform today, your business can place the foundation for extended-term growth instead of short-term spikes followed by a decline. Integrating Salesforce with your Knowledge management system ranks customer service as a vital component of a wider customer engagement approach. Customers and agents are given fast, actionable access to the knowledge and expertise they need, when and how they need it.

If you are a current Salesforce user, you can visit AppExchange to see Document360 integration.

To try it out, sign up for a trial version here.

For more details on configuring the Document360 app in Salesforce, please visit our documentation site.

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