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Fundamentals of Creating High-Quality Documentation with Ramesh Aiyyangar, Head of Documentation at Reltio

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Last updated on Jan 5, 2022

In this week’s episode of the Knowledgebase Ninja Podcast, Gowri Ramkumar is joined by Ramesh Aiyyangar, Head of Documentation at Reltio. They discuss key fundamentals of creating high-quality documents, the importance of communication in technical writing, and how customer engagement can derive the innovative solution 


Key Facts

    • Ramesh’s LinkedIn
    • Reltio’s website
    • Ramesh holds a postgraduate degree in Journalism & Communications from the University of Pune, and a Master of Business Administration – HR from BMCC, Pune 
    • Ramesh is associated with the technical writing industry for over twenty-five years
    • Society of Technical Communicators India chapter was formed in 1999. Ramesh was President of STC India Chapter in 2013 and briefly in 2018.
    • Ramesh is a former Group Manager at HCL Technologies 
    • Ramesh is a former Business Head -Technical Communication for Persistent Systems
    • Ramesh is a former Public relations officer for Mercedes Benz India

Key Takeaways

  • Throughout his Technical Communication journey Ramesh has worked with numerous renowned organisations such as Persistent Systems, Mercedes Benz India, HCL Technologies, Institute for Technical Communicators of India
  • After this, Ramesh joined HCL Technologies as Group Manager and loved his experience there 
  • Ramesh shares that most of his technical writing expertise comes from experiences, and he advises the youth of India to learn from experiences 
  • Ramesh believes that Technical Communication wasn’t very popular when he started working on it, but now it has become the need for every company to improve communication with the customers  
  • Ramesh believes that technical communication helps to assess the customers’ needs and problems, which further helps the organisation work on innovative solutions 
  • Ramesh thinks that documentation always needs improvement. “Documentation is a never-ending improvement process, where you ought to make every second document better than the first one” 
  • Ramesh believes completeness, conciseness, structure, and language as the fundamentals of creating high-quality documents 
  • Ramesh shares that to refine key fundamentals of technical documentation, content developers need to understand targeted audiences thoroughly 
  • Ramesh says that several companies do not have mediums to interact with customers directly. He adds that proactive documentation in the product life cycle can help companies to communicate directly with the customers and understand their needs 
  • Ramesh believes that all the stakeholders, including product managers, engineers and content writers, should be in sync to ensure high-quality documentation. He adds that “communication amongst the teams help the content development teams to create accurate and effective documents 
  • Ramesh shares that technical writing is not just about listing the facts, stuff the ideas in words and sentences; rather its about understanding A to Z customer’s requirements and creating engaging and meaningful content
  • To produce high-quality documentation, writers must; 
  • First, collect the data 
  • Understand the product 
  • Understand the technical requirements of the document 
  • Understand the audience 
  • Understand the objectives of the content 


Ramesh’s biggest influence

Ramesh shares that there is no single person, as he learns from everyone and everything. However, he shares that he has learned the most from his experiences. 

Key resource

What documentation-related advice would Ramesh give to his 20-year-old self?

“Be passionate, and love what you do”

Ramesh shares that one should be passionate. If you love what you do, you get to learn more. 

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Gowri Ramkumar

Aug 18, 2021


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