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File Manager in Document360

Feature Spotlight – File Manager in Document360

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Mar 1, 2023

It can be frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for. Often the benefits of having a good filing system overlooked. But keeping your content well-ordered will save you time when you are searching for something and make your content easily manageable.

The File Manager interface in Document360 allows users to organize, view, access and manage all the files and folders in one place.

Learn in this video how to set up and upload files into your File Manager in Document360 to allow for your customers to manage and organize their data.

Why do you need to organize your content?

Digital asset’s such as logos, videos often re-used multiple times within the documentation.

A file management system offers a user-friendly interface for users to organize important data and provides a searchable database for quick retrieval.

When Organizations grow larger, many people involved in each workflow. A logical folder organization facilitates collaboration among all.

Benefits of using File Manager in Document360

Many companies continue to struggle with digital transformation – customers are asking for more and more content for products. With the large  number of digital files that a company has to manage, you can quickly lose sight of the big picture.

When something changes, you need to update multiple places in a single click. This means that chaos is almost guaranteed as data quantities get larger.

Scenario – You need to change the Company Logo

Now the Logo image may have been inserted at several points in the documentation.

Using a File Manager, if you have a single link for that file when you replace the old logo with a new file of the same name, the new logo is now replaced in all the documentation.

Scenario – Centralised Repository

You are writing some new article and would like some high definition images. Why not check what images are already there in your documentation? Search for images or required files and re-use them in your documentation.

How to start with the File Manager in Document360

As soon as you have gathered the content required for your documentation, you can begin uploading and organizing your digital data. The quicker you do it, the sooner you can distribute your documentation for your customers to view.

The File manager in Document360 allows you to administer a system that correctly handles digital data

Upload Files

Navigate to the File Manager using the shortcut provided in the left-hand-side menu.

File Manager

Image #1 File Manager in Document360

When you first open the File Manager you can see the default tree structure with folders there.

These folders already created by Document360. The Image folder is a System folder and cannot be deleted or renamed.

Document360 Folders

Image #2 Default Folders

Create any folders/ subfolders if required and then upload files in corresponding folders using the Upload Button. You can also Delete or Rename any custom Folders as required.

Document360’s File Manager supports the below formats

  • Image Files
  • Microsoft PowerPoint PPT
  • Microsoft Word Docs
  • PDF
  • Zip

View & Search

You can view the list of files in 2 modes

  • Grid (thumbnail) view
  • List view

files grid view

Image # 3. a. Grid view of files

Files list view

Image # 3. b. List view of files

Image Files have a thumbnail icon to preview them, while the rest file formats are given a static icon.

When you click on any file, you get a blade of the information displaying the metadata. Metadata gives important information about the data of a file.

  • Link to File (this could be copied using the icon) – This is a blob URL provided.
  • Title
  • Alt Text
  • Tags – These could be used for filtering files


File manager blob url

Image #4 Link to blob URL 

You can search through the File Manager using the customisable Filters available

  • Date
  • Update By
  • Type

Customisable filters

Image #5 Customisable filters  

Editing Portal – Insert Image

In the Markdown Editor, you can now pick Files from the File Manager when you insert images. See the video below on how to insert images using the File Manager

Backup & Restore

File Manager has been included now in the Backup & Restore capability, so it is possible to restore your Files in their structure should you move projects.

File manager backup

Image #6 Backup 

NOTE: While importing documentation into Document360, it first creates those images in the File Manager and then includes appropriate links.


File Manager is available for all users and is only limited by the Storage. Check out the pricing page for more information

Check out Document360 today and organize your Digital assets with our File Manager and be on top of things.

Rochelle Saldanha

Feb 18, 2019

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