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Developing Your Technical Writing Skills with Andrés Altamirano Jeschke of SOFHA GMBH

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Last updated on Oct 8, 2020

Andrés Altamirano Jeschke, Lead Technical Documentation of SOFHA GMBH joins us in this episode of Knowledgebase Ninjas to discuss how to develop your technical writing skills.

Connect with Andres Altamirano Jeschke and view SOFHA GMBH here:

Key Takeaways:

Andrés journey into technical documentation 

As a young individual, Andrés started his professional career installing electrical equipment in Spain. Later on he moved towards the welding machine industry. Here, he saw workers facing a lot of hurdles due to the lack of proper documentation available for the machines. 

Few years later, he moved to Barcelona where he decided to combine his technical knowledge and goals to make the process easy for the user base – and thus joined the team of technical writers at Reinisch GmbH. 

Currently, Andrés works as the lead technical documentation at SOFHA GmbH. He has also established a LinkedIn Group called ‘Technical Learning Ideas’ that he urges the aspiring writers to join to enhance their knowledge. 

The documentation process for Andres

Andrés believes in collaboration and at SOFHA, he makes sure to keep in touch with each member of the team to ensure accuracy and proper planning. 

The most important considerations when creating documentation

Andrés says that the users turn to documentation for an easy understanding of a specific product. When curating a document, he and his team focuses on delivering content that is easy to understand and allows the users to get the information fast and efficiently. 

He also finds that metrics can be a distraction when creating documentation and prefers to stay away from metrics to ensure quality and consistency. 

Who has inspired Andrés?

Andrés admits that he does not have any mentors in life. However, he has learnt a lot from books, blogs, webinars, and podcasts.

Currently, he is reading: 

He is also part of a Tekom, a professional association for technical communicators in Germany, where he receives insights from industry experts in the technological sector. 

Andrés advice to his 20-year old self!

“Never stop learning” is Andrés motto in life. His advice to youngsters is to invest in their education, buy books to read, and develop soft writing skills that would help them outside the office as well.

He also encourages the youth of today to learn more about technical documentation. “The efforts would be worth it” says Andrés.

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Jun 17, 2020

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