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August Product update - Document360

August 2018 Product Update: Landing Page with Category Section, Customized Login Page Re-branding and Improvements

August 2018 Product Update: Landing Page with Category Section, Customized Login Page Re-branding and Improvements

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Feb 16, 2021

It is time for the Document360 August 2018 product update. Let us check out what features the team has brought about in this scorching month.

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August 2018 Product Update

Here’s the list of items we shipped into Document360 in the month of August 2018:
1. Landing page with Category section & new make-over
2. Customized Private website login page re-branding
3. Import/Export UI & Backup/Restore (converted from API to background) Enhancement
4. Search Performance improvement

Landing Page Enhancements

In Document360, we have an option to create an intuitive landing page based on the business requirement. Our existing landing page feature has got a new makeover now!!!
You can see the below enhancements:

  • Options are available to select the intuitive colors/pattern/gradient formats
  • Ability to provide the title, promo text, header links, search in the header section
  • Perform alignment with different available options like left/ center/right
  • The title and promo text edit capability are as well provided
  • Additionally, plus icon indicates where the header custom URL and documentation icon can be added. It has the capability to drag and drop so that you can easily swap or rearrange the custom section.

August 2018 Product Update : Landing Page Enhancements

Share the most common questions about your product on the knowledge base landing page.

Customize Now

You can customize your landing page by adding the “Category sections Links” now along with the below:

  • Text section
  • Columns of Text
  • Custom HTML
  • Text and Media

August 2018 Product Update : Category sections links

These appear on the landing page itself and help customers to navigate directly into the documentation.

Customized login page for user website

The Document360 login page appears in 2 areas:

  • Portal login page
  • User website login page (for Private documentation users)

The user website login page will contain the project information such as project name, project logo or text, favicon, primary and secondary colour whatever the user has configured in the portal (Discussed below).
This makes the user feel like it is their own custom login page for their knowledge base.

Example: The below login page will contain the login information about:

  • Project logo – BizTalk360 image
  • Project name – Login to <BizTalk360> [project name]
  • Colors – Login Button

August 2018 Product Update - BizTalk360 branded login page

Take your brand everywhere. Learn more how to brand your knowledge base.

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After creating the project there is an option to change the project logo/text, favicon, primary and secondary colour in Appearance settings section.

August 2018 Product Update : Appearance settings section

Import/Export UI & BackUp/Restore Enhancement

Document360 now has the Import/Export UI & Backup/Restore functionality working in the background rather than API, so that you can continue to work on your other tasks, while Document360 continues the task in the background.

August 2018 Product Update : Import Export UI

You can now navigate away, and the task will continue.

Search performance improvements

We did some changes in article indexing to improve search result performance and now correct and relevant search results are displayed:
1. Keywords are identified and highlighted effectively
2. Search result count is limited to 10 in both portal and user website
3. It shows the last articles which have the search keyword even though it has the same article name

August 2018 Product Update - Search performance improvement

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