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Recap of 2019 — Document360

Category: SaaS

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Can it really be December already? It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only a week away from today!
Where has 2019 gone?

With only a few weeks left in the year, we at wrapping up 2019 with some key accomplishments, really rewarding to look back and share some of the big wins.

Looking back on the year’s high notes, Here are some quick highlights of what we walked through 2019!

For those who do not know us yet, is a premier enterprise software company offering multiple products— BizTalk360, Serverless360, AtomicScope and Document360

At Document360

Document360 is a SaaS platform that helps you to build a great self-service knowledge base for your customers and internal users (public or private knowledge bases).
Document360’s journey started with a vision, strategy, and team of 5. We are now a team of 15 and TWO years into our journey. We progressed from an idea to product and 100+ paying customers in less than 2 years!
Here are some quick RECAP from 2019 …

Top Posts of the year

Onboarding our 100th Customer 🥳 🥳

Last month we succeded in onboarding our 100th customer. “One can only build on success” and it creates a deeper hunger to build an even stronger base and pull yourself to even greater victory and triumph. Everyone has a different way of reflecting on their accomplishments and celebrating it. So, we asked our team, “how they wished to celebrate this moment of success?” and they came with their style which we filmed was widely viewed as the top post of the year


Creating Resonance at Conferences 📢📢

This year was the year of conferences for us. We started first with local conferences and startup booths at the international conferences and moved to a bigger picture- Gold Sponsors! at SaaStock 2019, Dublin. 

Now we can say how to keep up with the race of brand impressions… it was an incredible experience and learning gained at these conferences.
Following it we receive a lot of invitations from other famous conferences as well (thanks all!). Which we will account for the upcoming years.

B2B Marketing Expo 2019- London

The B2B Marketing Expo is Europe’s leading sales event. The two-day event highlights with more than 300 exhibitors,14 Keynote speakers, around 500 seminars and least to mention the award program for Best Tech Innovations.


Saastock 2019, Dublin

SaaStock is a three-day conference and it is Europe’s top B2B SaaS event which focuses on the business of building and scaling B2B Software as a Service company. 

We planned to engage with the official hashtag before, during and after the event. We crafted instant tweets on what’s next on stage, Top session, and live engagement of who we meet at the stand, also connected last year talk by the same speakers. 

We were listed on the top for being hyperactive on Social media. Also, we were highlighted in SaaStock Promo blogs 


SITS19, London

SITS – The Service Desk & IT Support Show, is Europe’s leading event for IT Service Management and Support professionals. The 2019 event was a great success, with thousands of attendees across the two days.

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019

NPC is the India’s prestigious event which provides industry-platform for driving and enabling digital transformation across industries. With the objective of driving product development & market strategies, EIGHT Industry verticals took centre stage at NPC 2019 in EIGHT highly-focused Industry Summits—FinTech,HealthTech, RetailTech,Mobility, IoT & Devices, BharatTech, SaaS, Product Management & Design


Launched Document360 on Product Hunt

We finish on the #4 position with 450 votes on Product Hunt
Product Hunt is a website that lets users share and discover new products. The platform combines peer referrals with the forum-like format and surfaces products that are both intriguing and relevant to the tech-focused community.
Product Hunt tweeted about us (395k subscribers)and shared a Facebook post (200k subscribers)


Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping weeks of the year where the sale extravaganza add the extra tail for four sign up list. 

At Document360, we partnered with a few top sale sites and promoted our exclusive sale. This ramped up the visitor traffic, helped in gaining backlinks and overall increased our sign-ups. 


A little more than normal productivity

Finally, we want to recognize and appreciate our pillars— development team effort in building around 23+ features releases and product updates in a year, that count to an average of nearly two releases a month.

This proves we are a customer-centric company. At Document360, we fine-tune our ears to the voice of our customers— empathy begins with active listening.


New Integrations– We have extended our reach to the top helpdesk software in the industry— Freshworks and Zendesk marketplace and added new integration between Document360 and theirs. You can find Document360 app in Freshworks marketplace under Freshservice category and in Zendesk. Now your agents will be able to search the knowledge base for possible answers, copy links to articles and even draft new articles; everything without leaving their favourite helpdesk solutions.

A happy customer is more than a satisfied customer — it’s a retained customer.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder, Amazon

At Document360, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. A high customer satisfaction rating is an indication of reduced customer churn and high product adoption. We focused on monitoring the comprehensive SaaS metrics dashboard which accounted for all our MMR & ARR, CAC and Average cost per account. See what our customers have to say about our product and service…See what our customers have to say about our product and service…

“We have recently started to write our documentation in Document360. I have personally used it a lot the last few weeks and I am very satisfied so far. I think that it is a professional and polished product. It was easy to get started and the result is awesome.”-Lars Lindberg,Solution architect and developer at XLENT

“We reviewed a number of options and Document360 was the only one that offered git-style controls on article revisions. This was one of our top requirements and is unique to Document360 as far as we can tell. Also, Document360’s ability to have document versions associated with software versions is a huge plus for any software project.”-Victoria Risk,Product Manager at ISC

“Document360 has given us the customizability of a static site generator without the development, upkeep, or learning curve!”-Dustin Smith
Technical Writer at Mambu

We promise to keep our customers happy, it is more than continuing to receive their money, it also helps us improve our standards to make them even happier and in turn, they’re happy to spend more money. We secure it as a win-win.

What lies ahead for Document360 in 2020?

We’re excited to share some insight into our goals and what you can expect from Document360 next year.

We are starting our New weekly podcast – Knowledgebase Ninjas stay tuned for great tips on creating, optimizing and marketing your knowledgebase.

Focus on creating Domain Authority, Ramp up growth, Hire and train new talents and as always we work with customers to build a better product than ever.

Using search analytics for improving content                            

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