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May 2018 Product Update - Document360

May 2018 Product Update: Pricing Subscription Plans, Private Documentation, Article Preview and Improvements

May 2018 Product Update: Pricing Subscription Plans, Private Documentation, Article Preview and Improvements

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Last updated on Nov 16, 2021

Welcome to the Document360 May Product Update. Our engineering team has been busy releasing new features and making improvements to existing features based on customer and internal feedback. It’s only fair to justify the efforts gone behind the product development by highlighting the updates.

The major focus area in the month of May was to get the product ready for the public. This was right in time before our flagship integration conference – INTEGRATE 2018.

Top Product Updates for May 2018

  1. Pricing plans
  2. Private documentation
  3. Article preview mode
  4. Improvements to documentation  export and import

Pricing Subscription Plans

Document360 Pricing - May update

We enabled the Pricing functionality in Document360. Users will now be able to purchase from one of the available pricing plans — Startup, Business, and Enterprise. Our pricing starts as low as $99/month (for an annual subscription).

You will see the Pricing section when you visit the “Billing” section in Settings. Every higher plan (Business and Enterprise) will include the features in the lower plan in addition to extra features. We offer a flat 20% discount on the pricing when you opt for the annual subscription.

For any pricing specific questions, please refer the frequently asked questions at the bottom of the pricing page.

Private Documentation

Private documentation has been one of the most requested features on our support and during customer demos. We totally understand the importance of keeping the documentation private inline with your organization SLAs and policies. Based on the feedback, we have implemented the capability to restrict the documentation from showing up in public view.

May product Update: Private Documentation - Document360

Document360 users (administrators and project owners) have the capability to make the documentation as private. By doing this, only users with access to the specific project will be able to view the documentation. Users must log in with their credentials to view the documentation.

May product Update: Private Documentation - Login Screen

Once you’ve logged in to the portal, you’ll see the logged in user details on the top right corner. You can head to the portal or log out from the documentation page.

May product Update: Private Documentation - Log out users

A small lock icon will be visible next to the Visit Site link on the top left corner. 

May product Update: Private Documentation - Visit Site Lock Icon

Preview mode for draft articles

Document360 supports the preview functionality for draft articles. This helps content writers to get an idea of the final output on the landing page. Previously, users needed to publish the article first before they can view it on the customer-facing website. 

May product Update: Document360 - Preview article

Here’s the preview look for the above content —

May product Update: Preview Article in Portal - Document360

Export improvements and Import capability

We released the export capability in Document360 a few weeks ago. We have tightened the backend and made some improvements to the export logic. 

This month, we brought in the capability for users to import the documentation into a new project. This functionality is really helpful when you want to replicate the data from one project to another. This will save your time from manually creating the articles.

May product Update: Import documentation - Document360

Category Manager Improvements

Category Manager is one of the features we have taken extra care to build and develop in Document360. This month, we made a lot of UI changes to this feature. We added the capability to be able to drag and drop articles to either a category or sub-category. You can also reorder the articles within a category or sub-category.

Category Manager - Reorder the article

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

We focused on a bunch of improvements to make the product ready for v1 release.

  • Faced with an issue when trying to save your email address with an uppercase letter? Our testers caught that during the regression tests and we’ve made the fix.
  • We fixed the issues with Gravatar images not showing up properly across the application
  • Restrictions added for a number of characters in sub-domain name and logo text (in the dashboard)
  • Project version drop-down will not be visible in the landing page when there is only one documentation version
  • Added a custom domain? Now you can remove the custom domain mapping using the Remove icon.

Want to try these features? Get started with a free trial of Document360 today! 

Sriram Hariharan


Sriram Hariharan is the Senior Technical and Content Writer at BizTalk360. He has over 9 years of experience working as documentation specialist for different products and domains. Writing is his passion and he believes in the following quote - “As wings are for an aircraft, a technical document is for a product — be it a product document, user guide, or release notes”.

Sriram Hariharan

Jun 6, 2018