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March product update - Document360

Mar 2019 Product Update

Mar 2019 Product Update

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Feb 16, 2021

In like manner, the month of March was an exciting one for us, as we opened the door for integration and automation via exposing our APIs.

Features we released this month are:

  1. API Integration
  2. Lightbox for images
  3. Preview for draft articles under hidden category

API Integration

Certainly, we feel excited to release a long-awaited feature that is often requested by our customers, the ability to integrate and automate documentation.

You can now integrate your software, flows and more with your Document360 documentation.

On-boarding new users or dynamically creating articles from your support tickets is now possible with Document360 RESTful APIs.

Document360 offers a token-based authentication system, which gives you better control and is easy to manage.


Document360 APIToken

Image #1 API Token

To understand the apis better, we have dedicated documentation at

Document360 apidocumentation

Image #2 API Documentation


Likewise, the Light box is here to enhance the reading experience of your documentation.

The Lightbox zoom effect enabled for images within the Documentation as well as for the images on the landing page.

You just need to click on the images to get a zoomed view.

This Lightbox effect allows  viewing your images on centre-stage in a larger format when clicked on. 

Document360 lightbox

Image #3 Lightbox

Preview draft articles under hidden categories

The Preview feature enabled for articles under the hidden categories.

Even if categories are hidden, you can preview the article and publish them once you are happy with the content.