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Need Help? Sort it with the In-App assistance

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Jan 8, 2021

Document360 has a variety of user-friendly support features to make sure that your prospect/ customer get the help from your product Knowledgebase.

Why do you need In-app assistance? 

  • Quick and easy engagement with customers
  • Deliver seamless customer experience
  • Improves self-service and support team productivity 
  • Cost and time saving on raising customer ticket 

In -In-APP-assistance-Document360


Got a question? Get help at the tap of a Button

In-App assistance is one such customer support feature that helps the user to get immediate help when browsing through a website page. At Document360, we take self-service to the next level by providing this In-App assistance at a niche — by clicking a small icon on the website enabling your customers or prospects to seamlessly interact with your knowledgebase center.  

Embrace user with High-touch engagement

Paul Greenberg (for HubSpot) says:

Customer engagement is an ongoing interaction between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.

Talking about SaaS companies, in particular, are likely to take a more nuanced approach to solve customer queries instantly. In-app assistance is so effective because it’s contextual—it’s a way to communicate and engage with your users when and where it matters most.

Document360’s In-App assistance widget appear on any page of your website, thereby the user can find the answer to all FAQ’s without moving from the browsing page. 

Don’t lose your Customer

In-App assistance enables customers to reach your knowledge base from any screen on your app, get their questions answered, and make experience the best self-service support. You can also nurture regular users/prospects, help them understand the value of what your product can deliver.

Document360’s In-App assistance is featured with a high-quality search to retrieve accurate information from your knowledge base.


Educate users and visitors, answer questions and provide instant self-support 24/7, right within your app or website. Bring your help directly to your customer, based on customer query the In-App widget automatically serves relevant knowledge base articles.

There is a saying: ” No question is dumb, rather it is a naive question”

In the knowledge base, you’ll find help articles covering the most frequently asked questions, as well as all the essential information. If you still have an unanswered question you can still raise it to the support team, make sure your customers get the right help. Your support team will be able to focus on the more complex use cases and challenges. 

Document360’s In-App assistance enables you to take Knowledgebase closer to your users. Also, reduce support burden and empower customers with self-service support.

Moving from human touch to Self-service

If you are a startup or rapidly growing company, your support system needs to adapt to the cutting-edge trends. 

To meet the lofty goals you’ve to equip your team with the right tech solutions. Give your team the tools they need to deliver truly exceptional customer service outcomes. Check out Document360 today and set up In- App assistance for your users— instant help just taps aways! 

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