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Feature Spotlight – Notifications in Document360

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Dec 29, 2022

Notifications can inform you who and what exactly has changed in your Knowledge Base.  Whenever you create or modify anything in Document360, you can set it up so that you can receive a notification via any channel of your choice

What are the Notification Channels in Document360?

Notifications allow you to keep track of your team’s activities and your own work items. You have the option to subscribe only for notifications you are interested in by mapping that event to the notification channel.

Document360 can send you an alert when any changes/updates are made to the documentation. To get started with notification channels, you will need to perform some basic configuration under the “Notifications” section inside “Settings”

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Notification Channels 

On the Settings > Notification > Notification channels tab, click the ‘New Channel’ button to go to the page where you can configure and set up a new Notification Channel. Document360 ships with the following set of notification types:

Mapping notification and notification channels in Knowledge base

When you create or modify content in Document360, you can choose which of the notification channels should be used for the notification. You can provide individual emails or group emails if relevant, allowing you to target communications and involve exactly who you need.

Notification mapping

Once the Channel has been set up, you will need to map the events that you wish to be notified of to the respective channel you wish to receive notifications.

Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Event Mapping

Mapping notification and notification channels in Knowledge base

  • Use the slider to select the event you wish to be notified of
  • The Edit icon is to the right of the event to configure it to a specific channel.

You can subscribe to as many events as you want by using the above settings.

Let us now go into the setup for each Channel.

Webhook Notification Channel

The webhook channel is a simple way to send notifications over HTTP to a custom endpoint. Document360 allows you to easily connect to your services/applications using the webhook connector. Once you’ve configured the URL, Document360 can PUT/POST the notifications as a JSON/XML format to your webhook URL.


Mapping notification and notification channels in Knowledge base

Microsoft Teams

‘Microsoft Teams’ is another instant messaging app like Slack that allows users with Office 365 account to easily collaborate and schedule meetings across your organisation. If your team utilizes Teams to communicate, then you can easily create new incoming webhook for one of your existing channels or for a new channel.

Mapping notification and notification channels in Knowledge base


Slack is a widely used cloud-based collaborative software. At its core, Slack is an instant messaging app that provides company-wide, and private channels, direct messaging, and notifications. If you and your team use Slack to communicate internally, you can receive important Document360 notifications in the Slack channel of your choice. The first step is to get your Webhook URL from the Slack app. Once you connect your Slack Team to Document360, you can easily add a Webhook that pushes Document360 notifications directly to any Slack channel.

Mapping notification and notification channels in Knowledge base


In order to send email notifications, you simply need to specify who should be notified by their Email address. The following table provides descriptions of the configuration fields and indicates whether they are required. The section that follows this table provides example configurations.

Mapping notification and notification channels in Knowledge base




Friendly Name


Friendly name of your SMTP channel

Email To


Email address of the notification recipients



Email address of the notification recipients



Email address of the notification recipients


Document360 already provides the default SMTP email server setup.

Check out Document360 today and set up your notifications to be aware of any changes in  your documentation.

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