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Document360’s Action Plans after SaaStock 2018

Document360’s Action Plans after SaaStock 2018

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Last updated on Jun 29, 2021

Document360’s enthusiasm to spread our message and our spirit of adventure were certainly in evidence at the SaaStock 2018 Event in Dublin (Monday 15-Wednesday 17 October).

SaaStock is a uniting force for the global Saas community and many of this worldwide family turned up in the capital city of Ireland. This was our first SaaStock for our young product but the aim was crystal clear to showcase Document360 to an audience of mainly startups and wannabee entrepreneurs. This was a golden opportunity to demonstrate how and why an ordered knowledge base software can drive a young company’s sales.

SaaStock 2018 Dublin

Before coming to SaaStock 2018 we were a bit bewildered about everything that was going to happen-we didn’t want to miss a thing. So we decided to create and post a complete SaaStock 2018 attendee guide – it proved to be such a good idea that Alex and his SaaStock Team started promoting it.

Execution at our Document360 Booth

Being a partner we had our very own booth staffed by me and Rochelle Saldanha. Our CEO & Founder, Saravana Kumar was busy engaging with other SaaStock CEOs and attending event meetings. With knowledge of how Document360 would enhance their business message and a distinctive purple pamphlet, notebook, and pen to remember us by, we hope we left a lasting impression on our booth visitors. I should say that several people commented on the ‘color purple’ being an attraction, standing out from the myriad of interesting marketing efforts. The notebook went down a treat and will now be a pride of place on many a desk. Amongst some of the branding efforts, first prize went to two men dressed in dollar bill suits!

Saravana and Alex

The event was held in the premises of the Royal Dublin Society, RDS. It dates back 200 years and is also used for equestrian events as well as trade fairs. It easily accommodated the 2000 guests and 100 booths. The exhibitors and attendees were diverse, all start-ups – some of several years, some of several months. However, they all had in common a desire to tell their story. Their companies were their babies being nurtured and allowed to grow. Everyone had high hopes – some ‘bootstrapped’ or self-funded but mostly relying on investments from hungry investors looking for the next big thing.

Why Document360 is recognised as well known startups in SaaStock 2018?

Request for Demo

What struck me was the imagination of the owners in inventing weird and wonderful names for their products. Document360 does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ to steal Ronseal’s catchphrase – I like that no-nonsense approach.

Challenges after SaaStock 2018

The challenge for us was to speak to as many of the exhibitors and attendees as possible. We can report we had a good 50-60 conversations at the booth and elsewhere in the expo. Most were already using a competitor but were willing to listen and learn about Document360 with its singular focus on knowledge base building. Others unaware of the importance of structured content and a few had nothing in place but convinced of the need to at least consider a solution. The Document360 Team will now follow up on those conversations prioritising those who expressed an interest.

At our first SaaStock, we struck by the togetherness of all the partners and attendees. Well done to SaaStock for organising the early registration and drinks on the first night at the Tramline in the City Centre and the Tuesday post-event drinks at the venue. We mingled with fellow SaaStockers grateful for a Guinness or beer – Rochelle and I were thankful for a seat – our feet were killing us! After chilling out with our new friends, Saravana, Rochelle, and I retired to the lovely Italian restaurant, Al Boschetto, opposite the SaaStock event to share our thoughts.

Why the attendees shown interest on the Self-service portal for their customer support?

Learn more!

On Tuesday evening the whole area was awash with Ireland football supporters for their international match against Wales. Resplendent for the most part in their green jerseys the fans were in our Ballsbridge hotel and surrounding pubs expecting a positive result. Sadly, they lost 1-0 at the very local Aviva Stadium so the streets were quiet as they made their way home.

Saravana explaining Document360 one who shown interest on the product

Let’s See Some of the Action Plans after SaaStock 2018

To conclude, SaaStock 2018 proved to be a rich source of leads, which was the main requirement, though the hard work starts now in the follow-ups. We have to re-emphasise our message, perhaps explain all over again as the visitors to our booth will now be back in their offices with a thousand other priorities, building their businesses.

And lastly, a big thanks to the Document360 Marketing Team behind the scenes for managing the SaaStock 2018 event for us and to everybody who helped make us the most active users of social media around the event and for being one of the top influencers.

Social Trending for Document360

Roll on SaaStock 2019!

Duncan Barker

Oct 23, 2018

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