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Improving Retention (From the First Hello) with Gowri Ramkumar of Knowledgebase Ninjas

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Last updated on May 17, 2024

Gowri Ramkumar, the Customer Relationship Manager at and host of the Knowledgebase Ninja Podcast  jumps onto the Customer Experience Podcast to share her professional journey, how she keeps the customer as the key stakeholder in all of her work and tips on how to stay connected with the customers for better retention.

Key Facts

  • Gowri’s LinkedIn 
  •’s website 
  • Gowri currently hosts the Knowledgebase Ninja Podcast
  • Gowri completed her Bachelors of engineering in computer science at the Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
  • Gowri has previously worked as an IT lecturer, test analyst, technical test lead, and project test manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Key Takeaways

  • Gowri believes that her education in computer science has complemented her technical writing career and passion a lot 
  • The Knowledgebase Ninja was created as a community-based event to bring the people in the technical writing field together, where technical writing enthusiasts can share their stories, learn from each other and explore new things
  • Gowri believes customer experience is defined as a process of creating a positive association with a brand which can only be accomplished by a thorough interaction with your customers
  • Customer success is derived by helping customers reap maximum benefit from client’s products that should help the customers resolve their issues, from the beginning till the end
  • While customer experience and success have a direct link, they are two integral parts of the structure
  • Initially, the way Knowledgebase Ninjas’ would help their customers was by imparting them through video and help content, looking at various options and identifying tools to help customers find their way and solutions
  • The initial idea was centred on a problem they faced for which they prescribed and built a solution. It was then used as a platform to take in feedback and adjust clientele needs to the product which resulted in the production of multiple items
  • Realising customers’ pain points helps a lot in relating better with the customer and addressing their needs 
  • The providers need to be upfront with the customers to secure them as permanent clients
  • Many a time, customer requirements and needs fit so perfectly that the origins of their product stem from that
  • It is important to build a level of interaction and connection with the client to ensure customers’ retention. Keeping connected with the customers is just as important even after a sale is made to ensure that they stay with you
  • Looking after customers from the start till after the end is incredibly important given the current subscription model. 

Who would Gowri like to thank?

Gowri mentions that her family members must be thanked because they let her do what she wants and give her the level of freedom to grow and be the person she is today.

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Gowri Ramkumar

Jan 25, 2021


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