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importance of documentation

The importance of documentation with Tanja Lorber of Stegmann Systems

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Last updated on Jan 10, 2024

Tanja Lorber, the Senior Technical Editor at Stegmann Systems, joins us in this episode of Knowledgebase Ninjas and shares her experience in creating quality documentation and the importance of documentation in any business.

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Key Takeaways:

Tanja’s journey towards documentation

Tanja currently is part of a team of two, where both have over two decades worth of experience in the documentation. Tanja began her career in documentation when she was in university. She had enrolled in a technical writing training course and realized that she loves it. Tanja enjoys organizing, she’s a bit of a “neat freak” and likes to “put things into boxes and labels” – documentation then, was the only path she wanted to take. 

Tanja’s documentation process

Tanja utilizes the Scrum framework, which makes the complex system easier to manage. Any change in the documentation creates a ticket. The team then picks up this ticket from the board and checks to see first if the build is available. They then talk – to subject matter experts, architects, and even the owners – for more information and build and adjust according to that.

Though they are currently writing PDFs, Tanja hopes they can move into HTML.

Regulated environment: An important factor

Tanja emphasizes, with the process and the system they have in place, a regulated environment is vital. The “software” and everything included in the process needs to be “qualified” not only for the customers’ ease but for the users as well. As such, any change that happens to the documentation has to be re-qualified to properly regulate things.

Tanja’s biggest influence

Tanja has no single influence – instead, she loves meeting writers. Writers have such diverse backgrounds, Tanja explains, strategies, and experiences, you always end up learning something new.

Tanja’s top documentation resources

Tanja is part of a documentation community and swears by it. This community of ‘documentarians’ or Write the Docs, has an answer for any question Tanja has and she has grown and learned so much from it.

The other is:

What advice would Tanja give her 20 year old self?

Ask questions, If you don’t understand. Tanja continues, you won’t be able to explain the product to the users. Not asking questions doesn’t hurt anyone except your own work. It was a mistake she had made in the past and the one she doesn’t want others to repeat.

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Jul 1, 2020

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