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Creating Quality Documentation through Quality Assurance with Anastasiia Mikhieieva at GlobalLogic

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Last updated on Sep 22, 2022

Anastasiia Mikhieieva, Senior Technical Writer at GlobalLogic joins us in this episode of Knowledgebase Ninjas to discuss how to achieve quality documentation through quality assurance.

Anastasiia Mikhieieva, Senior Technical Writer at GlobalLogic joins us in this episode of Knowledgebase Ninjas.

Connect with Anastasiia Mikhieieva and GlobalLogic’s Knowledgebase here:

Key Takeaways:

Anastasiia’s journey into documentation…

Anastasiia started her career as a training coordinator, she wanted to transition into a new role within the company. She was managing internal training programs at the time and this training was being held by the company’s technical writers.

Anastasiia never knew the responsibilities of a technical writer, so she asked the person managing the training what these were.

Anastasiia started learning more about technical writing and was interested in delving deeper, she asked her manager about the possibility of transitioning into the technical writing team within the company. Luckily she was able too…

GlobalLogic’s documentation process…

Anastasiia’s team provides documentation for customers who have an administration job title within the company, this is because only these people are able to fully manage their product. The team works according to a 4-week sprint. They aim to release documentation once per month. 

Every sprint starts off with the documentation plan, where the the create a list for the top product priorities for documentation. Anastasiia’s team works closely with the product and technical managers to obtain an understanding of the upcoming development functionality. They have information designers who approve the documentation plan, each team member works on the particular features or the release documentation.

Her team has a weekly standup, this is where they talk through the progress of the documentation, their pains and needs as well as support if needed. The technical writers try to work closely with the product managers as they have direct contact with the customers and can suggest documentation improvements.

They communicate daily with SME’s like developers, quality assurance, or specialists and they have a large number of technical writers globally.  

Anastasiia’s most important factors when creating documentation…

Because GlobalLogic’s product is very technical and relates to the cloud and micro service solutions, to a nontechnical person… this can be complicated and confusing. The main goal of their documentation team is to provide informative, helpful, and user-friendly documentation.

They are creating a lot of administration guides and release notes where they are specifying clear information, however, they are also striving for simplicity. They structure their knowledgebase in such a way so that their customers can find the information quickly and in time. 

It is all about the user-friendly and simplicity when it comes to documentation.  

What are the benefits of user-driven documentation? 

 Anastasiia’s team releases various types of documentation, but it’s mainly about the release notes. They prepare documentation for separate models of their functionality. Some of their customers just use one model whilst others use several models.

For that reason, they have documentation prepared for those models. When releasing documentation several thousand will read it and have questions and comments, so it is important to provide the best documentation quality for the customers. 

Anastasiia’s documentation related resources…

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