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Hannah khan Podcast

Building developer-friendly API documentation with Hannah Kahn, Azion

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In our latest episode of the Knowledgebase Ninjas podcast, Hannah Kahn, Technical Writer at Azion, discusses the importance of selecting the right framework and specifications for creating developer-friendly API documentation. She shares insights on how to choose the right API documentation tool.

About Hannah

  1. Hannah’s LinkedIn
  2. After her graduation, she specialized in English, Brazilian, and Portuguese. She has handled proofreading, copywriting, and magazine editing, enhancing others’ content in her previous roles.
  3. She landed into her technical writing job through a friend, and the move seemed to be random at first but proved successful as the role aligned with her desire to help others through her own text.

Key Takeaways

  • According to Hannah, while creating API documentation we often focus on what users or developers need to create a request. But it is equally important to provide response examples as it helps them to understand what they can expect and if what they did was correct.
  • Documenting APIs with the right framework and specification is really important for developers, especially REST APIs and GraphQL APIs. They act as a powerful tool that helps businesses.”, says Hannah.
  • In her opinion, it is necessary to look for an API documentation tool that supports parameter specifications and descriptions. For REST APIs with many endpoints, if you have well-organized documentation, it can help you find what you exactly need.
  • “For GraphQL APIs, where you deal with lots of queries and examples, it is different. They have only one endpoint, but you need a lot of examples to understand them”, she adds.

Rapid fire with Hannah Kahn

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Astro framework and MDX that helps in improving the user experience part of the documentation

  • One word that comes to your mind when you hear documentation


  • A piece of advice you would give your 20-year-old self  

Stay open to feedback, take time to understand it, and try to improve what you’re doing

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Gowri Ramkumar

Mar 18, 2024

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