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The Evolution of Hubspot’s Documentation with Megan Driscoll of HubSpot

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Last updated on Sep 22, 2022

Megan Driscoll, Senior Technical Writer at HubSpot joins us to discuss Hubspot’s documentation process in this episode of Knowledgebase Ninjas.

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Key Takeaways:

How did Megan get into documentation?

Before Megan got into technical writing she wrote about visa requirements for international students, this gave Megan experience in writing technical content for a broad audience.

Megan’s interest in technology and startups led her to joining the HubSpot customer support team in November 2015.

HubSpot’s technical writing process

When Megan moved into the technical writing team at HubSpot in 2017, her team consisted of four technical writers and all new documentation requests were triaged through this team. As the HubSpot product has grown over the past two years and therefore the volume of documentation required… individual technical writers have now been aligned with different HubSpot product teams.

The most important factor in documentation according to Megan

The number #1 most important factor to consider when creating documentation is “the customer themselves”. Megan keeps an eye on where HubSpot is seeing a high volume on customer support tickets and then their team will focus efforts on those areas.

HubSpot’s documentation is constantly evolving

Megan’s team are constantly updating their documentation based on feedback from customer and updates made to the product by internal development teams.

Megan’s team also conduct internal research with customer facing teams to understand which areas of their documentation could be improved.

The organic reach of HubSpot’s documentation

Megan and the documentation team are experiencing a significant amount of organic traffic to their technical writing. 50% of the traffic to HubSpot’s knowledgebase comes from Google and Megan often will see the articles that the team have written in the first spot in Google.

Megan’s #1 documentation related resource

The one piece of documentation related advice Megan would give to her twenty year old self…

No question is a bad question! When Megan first moved into tech she sometimes felt scared about asking questions but actually over time Megan realised that every question she asked pushed the conversation forward. 

So if you have a question, don’t feel vulnerable about asking the question!

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