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Insights from NASSCOM Product Conclave: 2019

Category: SaaS

Last updated on Jul 28, 2020

India’s fast-growing product ecosystem gaining global validation. The theme of NASSCOM Product Conclave is focused on core strategies to scale up the country’s robust product ecosystem. This year, the 10X Growth Challenge at NPC will embark on key takeaways from industry leaders, peers, influencers, and the digital ecosystem at large, providing the perfect platform for attendees to enable their growth potential.

Why we chose NASSCOM?

At Document360, with significant traction, we are taking our initial steps to the GROWTH stage. This transition is a key milestone for any business—next stage: accelerating startup. So, we want to maximize the impact by showcasing our product, at India’s biggest product conference— NASSCOM Product Conclave, Banglore.
The real value of being a part of NASSCOM Product Conclave is more than just brand building, it’s all about creating the best networking experience, personal and professional development gained on the conference floor.

Your stand is your shop window – “Come on in!”

Document360 had a stall during the first day of NPC 2019. With over 65 product Startups being showcased under one roof, the surrounding set in the optimistic vibes. We were all set with our stand to attract plenty of interest – and the right type of visitor.
We were overwhelmed to explain our story and product to the visitors.
As Document360 caters to the unique requirement of building a self-service portal for customers and employees the visitors were excited to find a fit for their organizational Knowledge management challenges.

Tips: Maximize brand awareness and position your SaaS in the product Ecosystem

Indian SaaS Product Ecosystem at NPC 2019

Travel Tech – Startups using AI and Analytics to offer better travel experience to end-users.

Logistics – Near our stall was an Agri Tech Startup offering Logistic products.

Security – There were numerous product companies in Cybersecurity and surveillance space.

Retail – Retail intelligence and eCommerce SaaS.

Cloud – Cloud management, monitoring, cost optimization, etc

Enterprise Software companies launching their own products to cater to their existing customers.

Document Management System focussed on Enterprise and B2C Consumers.

Key takeaways and highlights

Welcome note from Atul Batra, Chairman of NASSCOM Product Council, he said

“NASSCOM Product Conclave has scaled more than 10X in terms of number of Startups. The ecosystem is getting more and more powerful”


He also added that this year’s Product conclave is about all aspects of scaling. Scaling of product, scaling of technology and so on.

Power of exponential thinking by Debjani Ghosh, President NASSCOM said,

“founders should have 10X mindset and great execution to have exponential growth”

The Power of Stories by Padmasree Warrior Founder, President, and CEO, Fable. She said

“When you are an Entrepreneur, it is easy to get de-focussed. Coming from a big company to being an entrepreneur, the lesson I learned was to be extremely focused and process-driven. Also, Fundraising for all its glory is distracting.”

One of the sessions by Manjunath Talwar of Myntra on Product Management and Design Summit: Scaling discovery and customer insight says

“Don’t assume everything you build helps users”.


Yasufumi Hirai, Group Executive Vice President, CIO & CISO at Rakuten spoke on building innovation at scale strategy. He mentioned that there are 3 key aspects to businesses – Science, Art, and Craftsmanship.

Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO GOQuii said

“Know thy enemy – It’s really important to know who you are competing with. My biggest competition is not any gym or any health app. My biggest competitor is laziness.”

There was an interesting fireside chat on —Inside Sales, the discussion was on the statistics that customers in the U.S pay 5X more than customers in India. Hence, it is a good thing for SaaS companies to focus on specific geography (U.S) to initiate their inside sales process and gradually spread to other geographies.

Yamini Bhat, Co-Founder, Vymo on SaaS metrics that matters said

“bringing down the metrics to just one metric so that they can be tracked easily”


 Her talk also centered around planning and influencing long term behaviour of the SaaS company. A founder should be clear on the vision and what success means to them.

Bigger and Better EXPO


At the end of day-2 at the event, we realized that Document360 is a unique offering compared to all other products being showcased at NASSCOM Product Conclave. It shows that NASSCOM has taken good efforts in organising and promoting the event. The conference geared around many SaaS startups and tech industry giants, showcasing more excellent SaaS companies than ever to show you just how strong and varied they are in the tech space. Our experience at the conference was enriching and rewarding as we networked with many top executives and CEOs.  

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