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Documentation Is An Option With Aaron Collier of

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Last updated on Sep 22, 2022

Aaron Collier, Senior Technical Writer at joins us in this episode of Knowledgebase Ninjas.

Connect with Aaron and here:

Key Takeaways:

Moving into documentation from online education

Aaron first moved into the wild world of documentation through his experience in online education. He enjoys the intersection between technical knowledge and education. 

He first found himself creating an internal training program for the business he was working for and then moved directly into documentation.

Different documentation team structures

In a previous role, Aaron and his documentation team used to sit with the technical teams and would make updates to the documentation as they were required. 

This gave Aaron as good idea of what they product teams were doing but there was less progress on documentation as a whole. They therefore transitioned into a separate “documentation team” and the development teams would submit tasks to the documentation team through Jira. This allowed the documentation team to also focus on tasks that would improve the documentation as a whole.

Can customers be successful without proper documentation?

This new documentation team would sit within the customer success team, and Aaron is very sure that the customers of this business would not be able to succeed without proper documentation as they were supporting a very technical product.

Aaron’s team thought of documentation as a method to show people how to be successful.

Measuring ROI on documentation?

Aaron looked at whether people were successful at integrating with the API  after looking at the documentation to try to measure its impact but was not able to measure this reliably.

Aaron recommends…

Aaron’s advice to his twenty year old self?

It would be that “documentation is an option”, Aaron spent a long time in education before he even realised that a career in documentation was an option. He then added that his second piece of advice would be to “keep learning”.

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