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Enterprise grade knowledge base for large-scale deployments

Get total isolation, control and security for mission-critical content delivery using dedicated private hosting.

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Fueling Knowledge bases for companies like

  • McDonald's
  • Stackify
  • Virgin Red
  • Harvard
  • Mambu

Why use private hosting for your knowledge base?

Have more power and control over your hosting environment for maximum performance

Isolated environment

Exclusive and dedicated environment with no sharing of resources; Offers additional layer of security due to isolation from common SaaS infrastructure.

Data residence

Knowledge base can be hosted in any part of the world where Microsoft Azure data centre is available and comply with your data sovereignty requirements.

Fully managed

Fully managed software stack dedicated only for your organisation; Offers a premium customer support with strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Best performance

Deliver your documentation contents at lightning speed to your customers. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and support ticket deflection.

  • No sharing of your resources
  • Deliver content at very low latency
  • Faster loading time of your documentation content

Move your knowledge base from shared resources to a dedicated private hosting now

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Best performance


Offering sophisticated features and capabilities to manage your enterprise demands


Ensures optimal performance and smoother day-to-day operations with operational scalability.

Single Sign-On

Utilise enterprise features for Single Sign-on (SSO) such as SAML, OpenID and JSON Web Token (JWT) methods.


Keeps your online knowledge base secure by using end-to-end encryption and protect against cyber attacks.


Trusted by successful businesses around the globe

A great value proposition in terms of powering third party solutions that fall short on knowledge base features.

Free Trial


With all features bundled offering you a plethora of benefits to your enterprise


Maximum Performance

Customize resources for your workloads

Dedicated private hosting offers a variety of top-end computing resources from different vendors that you can choose from.


Always Available

Serve your content faster to your customers

Deliver your documentation content quicker to your customer using dedicated geographically located content networks with low latency.


Large scale deployment

Scalable knowledge base for enterprises

Knowledge base can scale to meet your enterprise demands and adhere to stringent organisational data security policies.


Enterprise feature

All enterprise plan features are available

Use all the product features and a dedicated customer relationship team that offers support with strict SLAs.