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Enterprise Plus

Enterprise Plus Package - Document360

Enterprise grade knowledge base for large-scale deployments. Mission-critical performance, scalability, and high availability.

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Host your knowledge base in a private hosting environment dedicated only to your organization.

Included in the plan

Everything in Enterprise, and…

  • Private Hosting Exclusive and dedicated environment with no sharing of resources.
  • Data Residence Your knowledge base can be hosted in any part of the world where Microsoft Azure data centre is available.
  • Fully Managed Fully managed software stack.
  • Premium Support Dedicated support team.
  • Control on Compliance Private hosting gives you control over your compliance requirements. Example: Data residence in the EU.
  • Additional Security Private hosting provides additional layer of security due to isolation from common SaaS infrastructure.

Migration support from your existing knowledge base across all plans. T&Cs apply

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a team account?

    A team account is anyone in your project who is assigned a contribution role such as “Owner”, “Editor”, etc., to manage your project.

  • A reader account is anyone who is given access to the private project just to read the content after logging in. Reader account is applicable only to the private knowledge base. For public projects (accessible on the internet, like a product Knowledge Base), anyone can access it without a reader account.

  • You can think of a project as a complete Knowledge Base (public or private). A project can have team accounts, a custom domain, readers (if private project), its branding, logo, and so on. Document360 allows you to have multiple projects.

    For Instance, you may have one or more public-facing projects (your product Knowledge Base for each product) and one or more private projects (engineering team documentation, employee handbook, etc). Please note, the pricing above is per project.

  • Document360 allows you to have multiple versions of your project. One of the common use cases for this, you might need to maintain different versions of your documentation for your product to support different versions of your product. Imagine if you are Microsoft, you might have separate documentation to support Windows 10 and Windows Server 2020.

    Knowledge Base versions should not be confused with article revisions. Whenever you publish an article and then you wanted to make a change, you create a new revision of that article. Document360 supports unlimited article revisions.

  • Private Knowledge Base is only accessible by people (readers) who are given access to. Example: your employees or private customers. In some of the use cases, you have an internal employee handbook with all standard operating procedures accessible only to your employees. You have a health care software product, and the product Knowledge Base is available only to your private customers.

  • Your account email will be notified after each failed payment. Payments may be retried up to 4 times within the next month. After these attempts, if the payment still fails, your account will be locked for 30 days. After the 30 days lock period, if the payment still fails, your account will be permanently deleted.

  • Yes! We offer both monthly and yearly billing options. The yearly billing option is always cheaper (an estimated 20% discount).

  • Yes. You can pay via Invoice/Purchase order and bank transfer for any annual plan.

  • Yes, you can select additional features from higher plan if you need those features for your current plan, you can either buy those add-ons from the Document360 portal or you can contact support to offer you a custom bundle at (

  • Data storage is the amount of disk capacity available as part your plan to store your knowledge base project artifacts such as files, images and videos. This storage excludes the storage needed for storing your articles, article versions, categories, and project versions.

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