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About Vodia

Vodia is a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) company. Vodia’s PBX software turns mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PCs, and standard VoIP phones into clients all of your employees can use for their communication needs. Vodia works with third-party integrators who help to set up their systems, set up different users, extension and integrate with existing phone systems. In addition to this Vodia’s software also integrates with customer support systems.

Business need

Earlier Vodia used an in-house knowledge base tool called Drupal. Drupal is specifically focused on content management rather than a knowledge base. Because of that, it offered a few challenges such as

  • Issues with formatting content.
  • Interface for uploading documentation artefacts such as media content is harder to use.
  • Search engine was primitive and did not bring relevant articles based on search keywords.


Document360 was chosen as the solution to replace Drupal as it offered the perfect solution to Vodia’s business requirements. Some of the important features that made Vodia choose Document360 are

  • Workflow feature such that documentation processes can be streamlined and automated.
  • Rich Application Programming Interface (API) .
  • Intuitive UI
  • Feature-rich editor to compose and publish articles
  • Powerful search engine in knowledge base site that bring the right articles based on the search keyword
  • Able to collect customer feedback
  • Analytics

Vodia’s public knowledge base consists of How-to guides, user manuals, and troubleshooting guides for their product. The public documentation also consists of product information for their customers on setting up voice mail and so on. There are multiple team members working on the documentation articles. The documentation articles are peer-reviewed before publication to ensure that documentation meets the customer expectations and is of great quality.

Vodia’s documentation team produces technical articles that are understandable by layperson and ensures that content provides utmost clarity to their customers. The grammar and tone of the content is checked for consistency. The public documentation empowered Vodia’s customers to self-serve and troubleshoot the issues on their own rather than raising a support ticket.

Vodia utilizes Document360’s analytics feature extensively to be customer centric. Vodia’s documentation teamm checks the customer feedback every week and responds to feedback to build relationships with their customers and earn their trust.

Closing line

Jared Blake, software developer at Vodia says

Customer feedback enables Vodia to engage with its integrators in a whole new way. It provided a ton of value to relationships which is an important thing for their business.

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