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The Knowledge Base Platform, engineered for growing companies

Instantly create an online Self-Service Knowledge Base for your Customer and Employees (accessed either publicly or privately).

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Knowledge Base Platform - Document360

Fueling Knowledge bases for companies like

  • McDonald's
  • vmware
  • Virgin Red
  • Dialpad
  • Rakuten
  • Daikin


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Document360 Use Cases

What can you build with Document360?

Product Help Docs

Product Help Docs

Build a world-class, self-service knowledge base for your SaaS products.

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

Create how-to guides, tutorials, reference docs, system docs, and release notes.

Online User Guides & FAQs

Online User Guides & FAQs

Replace offline, static, PDF user guides with guides you can always keep up-to-date.

API Documentation

API Documentation

Automatically generate customizable API Documentation from your API definition files.

Internal knowledge base

Internal knowledge base

Build a private, login required, documentation for employees or clients.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Build SOP’s like employee handbooks or sales/marketing playbook.

Document360 in action

Take a look at some of our live customer knowledge base sites.

Matt Watson
Lorin Chun
Dustin Smith
julian weiss
Lars Lindberg

After reviewing a dozen knowledge base products, Document360 was the clear winner. Their amazing markdown editor and SEO features were unrivaled.

Matt Watson

We have been working with Document360 since the beginning to integrate them into our company. We have migrated our existing knowledge base to the Document360 platform. I like Document360's clean, dynamic look and how simple the document creation and organization process is, and all of the customizable features, especially URL Mapping.

Lorin Chun

Document360 has given us the customizability of a static site generator without the development, upkeep, or learning curve!

Dustin Smith

Document360’s home page builder feature is easy to use to provide a great landing page. The two editors (markdown or WYSIWYG) inside Document360 are versatile to produce great documentation.

Julian Weiss

We have recently started to write our documentation in Document360. I have personally used it a lot the last few weeks and I am very satisfied so far. I think that it is a professional and polished product.

Lars Lindberg

Scale your customer support without increasing the costs.

Help your customers with a fully-functional knowledge base that they can use to solve problems. Make it easy for your customers to learn how to use your product with Document360!


Of people prefer self-service support over waiting for a reply.


Of millennials use a search engine to find answers before making a call to get customer service.


Of calls come from customers who visited the company’s website first.


Integrations & Extensions

Document360 works hand in hand with your existing help desk, analytics, commenting, and chat products both ways.

Integration: Helps to bring external systems like chat, commenting, and analytics into your knowledge base.

Extensions: Helps to utilize your knowledge base in the external systems like help desk and chat.

Integrations Extensions

Are you worried about the migration?

With Document360 you don't have to worry. We'll complete the entire migration process for you seamlessly, so you can focus on your next big moves.



We will understand your current knowledge base system and provide an estimate. We can migrate from pretty much any existing Knowledge base systems or platforms.


Our team uses automated tools and manual processes to migrate your knowledge base. This will be an iterative process with regular updates and sync ups.


We perform a thorough QA process, set redirection rules, and make sure your new Document360 Knowledge base is live without losing any of your existing SEO traffic.

Built to handle massive scale

Robust platform that provides seamless experience at scale


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Awards & Recognition

Trusted by thousands of user in over 100+ countries

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